For the uninitiated, simply said, organic produce refers to the kind of fruits and vegetables that that have been grown without the use of harmful chemicals and/or fertilizers.

Over the years, the intensity of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers used to increase crop quality and yield has grown exponentially. As a result, your health has been put at risk. While the primary reason for why you should opt for organic fruits and vegetables is health-related, here is an overview of why the time to go organic is now!

Because you value your health

Our organic fruits and vegetables are grown using natural methods of farming such as crop rotation, inter-farming, biological pest control and with green manure. This enables the crop to grow without the interference of chemicals that could potentially bring harm to you. Additionally, the use of pesticides, often relied on to control the negative impact of pests and insects in the field, causes the nutritional value of food to decrease. Organic food also allows you to avoid genetically modified/engineered produce.

Fresh India Organics strictly complies with stringent quality control methodologies to ensure that the produce you consume, from us, is of international-level quality. In fact, we have set up a controlled atmosphere storage facility in Punjab. This best-in-class facility specializes in holding our produce for a long period of time without affecting its quality. Our produce is handled only by trained professionals who have the requisite technical expertise.

Because you value the environment

With the extensive use of chemicals and pesticides, the water table and level of soil nutrients get severely depleted. The Food chain is affected as pollutants enter the very first rung of the food ladder and consequently, this affect all the other participants. The core belief of organic farming is that nature has provided us with more than enough to manage a farm, we don’t need any external or synthetic stimulants. Making each farm self-sufficient, that is our end-goal.

Because you value flavor

Once you go organic, you can’t go back – the produce tastes different and you’ll find that the flavour is far more fresh and natural.


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Farming by age-old traditions, before synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides and growth regulators were made cheaply available. It works towards environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production. Yes, third party auditors visit and certify our farms.

Its the way nature intended! Just as humans don’t come with standard appearance or abilities (unless genetically/chemically altered); similarly, our fruits are given the freedom to grow into what they want to be.

Unfortunately, as a farmer goes organic, he suffers with reduced yields as the farm ecology adapts to a chemical free environment. Further, the use of more manual labour, more expensive bio-products increase costs. However, as more people go organic, more farmers are likely to join the trend and pricing could reach a stable level eventually.

Everyone really, but – your children! Chemical compounds in food have shown a direct link to neurological disorders in children, along with a higher manifestation of carcinogens in adults.

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